Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Decide What Is Clutter

Today, I had four things I was going to list;  and then, I started thinking that maybe I am not quite ready to get rid of one.  Maybe I need to rearrange, rethink, and reuse.  Yes, I have done that with many things during my life.  You see, I am not just a consumer that has to continually buy new things to find happiness.  In fact, there is a certain comfort in knowing I am getting the most for my money, so I like to use my things as long as possible.

I am being ambivalent, which can be a problem with an object one has had for many years.  I'm not sure it's use for me is done, because I still use the items it contains.  So, how do I decide?  Here are questions I have asked myself.

My tummy will
appreciate this.
  1. Am I keeping this object out of obligation?  Perhaps, it was a gift, but you never use it or you don't even like it.  Or perhaps, you have just grown tired of it.
  2. Have I used it within the last year?
  3. Do I still love this object?
  4. Do I need this object for a special purpose, like a holiday, wedding, etc.? 
  5. Can I substitute something else for this item?
  6. Do I have room to store this item?
  7. Is it probable I will ever use this again?
  8. Can this be easily replaced?
  9. Do I feel guilty, because I spent quite a bit of money on this item?
  10. Does this item make me happier?          

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