Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Foreign Bracelet

When this bracelet got wet, it left red on my arm.  Would that bother you,  if you didn't know what was in that bead?  I decided this needs to be thrown out.  I am not going to give something away  that creeps me out.


Friday, June 14, 2013

One Hundred and Thirty-two Items Decluttered

 That silver-plated tray looks a lot better in the picture, because I was trying to make a wall-hanging.  It has pearlized white paint on it, which lets the silver that is left shine through.  It doesn't fit anywhere in my house, so it is going to be donated.
The other items all came up in my rush to clean today, so I decided to put them in the giveaway bag for delivery.  You have to know when it is time to let go.  And, it is time for me.

128 Items Decluttered

128 Items Decluttered
One bookend. 
I have no idea where the other is.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Going Through Things and Taking a Break

This toy is going too.
I knew I had
two -- found it!

127 Items Decluttered

I feel like the room I am working on now is a bit of a challenge, because it is the room where I stuffed things in a cabinet and behind a screen--no closet in this old fashioned bedroom.  However, the pile gets smaller.  But I am seeing that I need to give myself a break on this room and tend to other things;  so after today, I will try to start moving outside.  I need to get out more.  When the messiness of cleaning and going through things begins to get on your nerves, I think it is good to give yourself a break.  

Definitely a throwaway.
The old saying of you get
what you pay for fits this
laptop desk.  It has been
cracked and taped and
 cracked again.
Here are the throwaways and giveaways for today.  
This is an ear thing that is
supposed to let you hear
the television on low volume.

A Book


Christmas Card Holder

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mama's In My Heart

Missing someone special does not mean you have to keep everything that was hers. 

 Today, I went through old costume jewelry that belonged to my mom.  I couldn't keep it all.  No one in my family will wear it, but maybe someone creative or someone that wears clip on earrings will like it.  Therefore, it is going to the thrift store for charity.  I kept just a couple of things, that I remembered Mother wearing.  This was an emotional time.  I miss my mother.

     119 Items Decluttered

From the 1950's to the 2000's

One Japanese? Tray
Perfect for someone's hairpins, not mine
One very lonely
Betsy McCall
 Wooden Paper Doll
114 Items Decluttered!
The bad thing about going through clutter is sometimes it makes a mess;  but I am gaining room to put items I want, so that is a good thing.  Today was fun, because it brought back good memories;  and, I decided to try a creative project with something I was about to toss.  I will show my creative project in Deborah Lynne's Inspirations -- I'm not finished yet.  If it looks horrible, you may never see it.  And then again, I suppose horrible is in the eye of the beholder.

Camouflage Easter Grass 

Maybe there is an earring
seller looking for this very thing.
That's right! 
 Pink Camouflage for the Girls

Throw it away or Send it to the Thrift Store?
What is it?  Miniature Christmas Clothes Pins from the 1950's.
Maybe a collector will find it.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Pretty and the No Longer Necessary -- Items #106, #107, #108

 This item I bought to sell when I had a resale booth, but decided I could use the picture for a while. However, it no longer fits, so it's time for it to enter the resale world again--giving it to the thrift shop.

Ah, the cup!
It took me a while,
but it is time.
This decluttering
process is
important to me.
How simple can I
make things?  When
will I know to let
up?  I'm not sure
yet. I will have
to wait and see.

So how many of you 

hate going through
old boxes of papers? 
Me too. But if you 
truly want to 
declutter,it goes 
along with the job.