Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taking Care of the Clutter as I Discover It

My favorite nail clipper--unrepairable--trash!
"Taking care of the clutter as I discover it, probably sounds a little odd."  However, I assure you it is not odd in the least; because, after I have covered a table, making it a mess; or, I have filled a basket with odds and ends, I later discover treasures and trash while I clean up my mess.  My treasures I put away or I display them;  and, the trash goes right out of the house.  And, since my clutter is not all trash but much of it is treasure I don't need, I donate it.
Trash and there is a whole other bag!
ribbon, t-shirt, nightshirt

You may not have expected to see anything from this blog until the New Year;  however, I 
decided I need to keep recording as I declutter. I want to get this stuff out of the house now, not wait until the New Year.  
358 Items Decluttered  since March 2013.

Good Tidings to you as you prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 



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