Monday, April 15, 2013

A Variety of Clutter Days 29 - 32

Found this sweet item in the back of a cabinet
 when we moved in.  I haven't used it either.
It is said, "Variety is the Spice of Life."  And today, I have variety.

FlyLady always says to get rid of the items you don't love, including things that people have given you that are causing clutter or just don't fit in.  It's not that one doesn't appreciate thoughtfulness.  It becomes a burden, when you keep moving it around and you wish you didn't have it.  Especially, when you are working to make your life simpler.

It's funny.  I probably keep some items that people would wonder about.  I keep sweet pictures my grandchildren drew for me or for their grandpa.  I am even thinking of displaying these someplace.  Right now, they end up on the refrigerator.  Those are warm fuzzies, but other stuff I don't like is irritating after a while, even though I appreciate the love behind the gift.
Free pillbox that does not suit my needs.  Bye pillbox.. 

A very thoughtful gift, I know someone else will love.
I don't have room for more knick-knacks.

I made it and I am tired of it.

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