Saturday, April 13, 2013

#24 and #25 Hey! I may not get these in every day, but you should have seen where I started a year ago.

Just the rest Christmas stuff that stuck in a
vase is going -- basically, dried grass died red.
Sometimes, I think I will never be finished.  How could it take so long to get rid of what is probably a small amount of clutter in comparison to some people?  However, I cannot compare, nor should you.  We just need to do the best we can.

I could stick things in boxes or plastic bins and hide them in the basement;  but then, I will never have separated the things I really like from the things I need to get rid of.  So, I keep plugging away at this, a little at a time.  Some days, I feel like I have done nothing, even though I keep chipping away at this rock.  However, it is getting smaller.

I do believe in mending things --really --
however, there comes a point that if you
would not even give it away, you should
say good-bye.  Oops!  I need to retrieve
the button for the button jar.  They are
great for craft projects and when
you have lost a button.

There are some days I don't get any housework done:  I rest and I write.  But when I compare where I was a year ago to where I am now, I remember how tired I was of seeing boxes after we moved.  Truthfully, with little closet space in the house and having almost no energy, it felt like a bit like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill, only to have it roll right back down.  But thank the Lord, I am not Sisyphus with a boulder:  I am a woman who has learned there will be ups and downs, but the job will get done.  I see improvement, until I start a new craft project;  and that boulder rolls down a little. However, I know it is worth it.

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