Friday, May 31, 2013

What to do with Clorox Wipes Containers

 The first item on my good-bye list is a roll of wrapping paper without enough to wrap a present.  The great thing about this is I was able to upcycle a Clorox Wipes container.  I  took off the old label, covered it with wrapping paper, which I covered with clear contact.  Then I put plastic shopping bags in it, so  that the bottom of the bags would come out first.  This is going in my car for those times you can use an emergency bag or a trash bag.  You could also stick it in a picnic basket for picking up leftover cups and plates.  Lots of uses for those  plastic shopping bag.

The next object is a bath brush, which has never quite matched my standards.  No  point in cluttering up the bathroom with it.  that puts us at 105 items                                              

These are items #104 and #105.

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